segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011


Pesquisando sobre a cineasta Isabel Coixet, diretora de A vida secreta das palavras e também de Minha vida sem mim. Sendo esse último um dos filmes da minha vida.

Entre o que se lê e se vê, algumas palavras:

‎"I think in our days you can watch those big blockbusters, but there's also space for films where people actually feel something and talk about it and films with a little silence." Coixet.

"‎We have to stop blaming ourselves for what we don't have and start asking for what we deserve - whether it's more money or more work or whatever." Isabel Coixet.

‎"I have a thing with literary adaptations--if you really worship the author, you're always too scared to make changes and there is a moment you have to break from the book and do a film" Coixet.

Agora? Cibelle.

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